dr underwood

Dr. Oscar J. Underwood

ACI is delighted to have talented and anointed speaker, Dr. Oscar J. Underwood as a speak at our conference this year. He has thrilled and blessed our conferences for years and he will do no less this year. Don't miss it!

Dr. Oscar J. Underwood, Jr. serves as the founder and senior pastor of the Destiny Dome at Cathedral of Praise Ministries, International, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With more than 40 years ministry, Dr. Underwood continues to minister the truth of the Word of GOD with Kingdom Passion for seeing every member of the Body of CHRIST connected with their individual purpose and destiny. While serving as a school principal at Ralph J. Bunche Elementary School, Dr. Underwood began ministry in the school's library with about 27 people in attendance. Since that time, the ministry has continued to grow not only in numbers, but more importantly in quality, where every member is trained in Kingdom Excellence which allows them to positively influence and impact their wold for the glory of CHRIST. Dr. Underwood is a former Indiana Teacher of the Year and National Businessman of the Year. Includes becoming the first African American Indiana Teacher of the Year and also testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee of Small Business on effective urban education methods. He is a noted author, recording artist and conference speaker. Dr. Underwood received a bachelor's degree in Education and a master's degree in Education and Administration from Indiana University. Postgraduate work culminated in doctoral degrees in Education, Christian Ministry, and Destiney and Human Potential Coaching.

He will Speak for ACI on his educational philosophy and methodology.

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