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Teacher Certification

ACI also provides individual membership for teachers with certification by ACI. This is not a requirement for the school to become a member, but we do recommend that a school certify its teachers. This certification is not to be confused with State Teacher Certification. This is a vehicle to let our members know that a teacher is qualified in a certain field to teach subjects for our membership. Administrators may also be certified.

Certification is provided when a MEMBER institution requests it. We do not certify teachers who are not working for one of our members at the time they are certified.

The teacher must furnish a request letter from the member school and a resume. If they have attended official classes at a college in their field they must furnish a transcript of credits. If they have been conferred a degree, a copy of the degree should also be submitted with the application. Please only send copies because we will not return them. The fee for teacher certification is $35.00 per year at all levels. The certificate must be renewed January 1 each year.

You may order an information packet for a school by using our contact page.

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